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eBay Strategies Tools and Secrets

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Learn the Secrets, Tools, and Strategies the Pros use to Generate Large Profits on eBay, Right Now.

Ebay Strategies Tools And Secrets-Discover From Experts How To Sell On Ebay And Start A Business

eBay Strategies Tools and Secrets

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Getting registered with eBay as either a auction seller or buyer is a very simple process. As a buyer, all you need to do is provide some minimal information such as name, address, e-mail address, and create a user ID and password.

To register as a seller requires some additional steps, primarily focusing on financial matters, though you'll also be expected to agree upon what you can and cannot put up for auction, and the rules and regulations associated with listing or presenting information regarding the items you intend to auction. It almost goes without saying that you'll be expected to conduct your selling affairs in honest matter, in no way misrepresenting the items you will be listing.

As an eBay auction seller, you'll need to set up an account, as you will be paying fees to have items listed, as well as paying commissions on those items which sell. You do not have to pay a commission on any item you list that does not sell. You have several choices as to how to intend to make any payments due eBay, but in any event, to open an account you will need either a valid credit card, a debit card, or provide your bank account information.

You'll also want to set up a feedback profile. This is especially important if you intend to sell many items at auction. The feedback profile, which is public, is intended to help you the seller, and to give a prospective bidder peace of mind should they choose to bid on a relatively expensive item.

The feedback profile serves as a good policeman, hopefully in your case a kind one. A few highly negative feedback comments can be damaging, so you'll want to conduct business in an honest and professional matter.
You'll also need to set up a Q and A feature, so bidders can request further information or clarification about an item you are listing.

You'll want to do some research into how to price items that you'll be placing up for bidding, what category they fall in, and how to list them in a manner that makes them easy for a prospective bidder to locate.
You'll want to research ways to create a listing that will both draw attention to your item, present the item in the best possible light, and describe it correctly and accurately.

You'll want to research into how best to employ options relating to Reserve Prices, Best Offer invitations and Buy It Now invitations. There are certain restrictions which apply that you'll need to know.

You also want to become familiar with calculating shipping costs, as prospective buyers will want to know how much above the purchase price they might be expected to pay for shipping.

That's just a start, but enough to get you started as an eBay auction seller.

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